Lifton Farm Shop and the Wind Turbine Application

The following letter from our Chairman (Dr G F Vanstone) has been forwarded to both the Tavistock Times and Western Morning News.

Lifton Farm Shop and the Wind Turbine Application

We note with utter dismay that the Planning Inspector has approved the application for a 77m (250 feet) high Wind Turbine near to Lifton Farm shop and the A30. This makes now three of these inefficient monstrosities within a very short distance (Roadford and Wortham farm being the others). Together with five further ones approved which will be near to Launceston.

This Wind Turbine application has been made by Lifton Farm Shop who already have approval for two smaller turbines and solar arrays with an output of 500KW. The shop does not need this further turbine to support its business and if it proceeds it will only be on the basis of exploiting subsidies (paid for by the rest of us) to generate yet more income. The WDBC Planning Committee, the majority of local residents, CPRE and English Heritage all oppose this application but the Planning Inspectorate have chosen, yet again, to ignore these views as they have done so on many applications in Torridge and West Devon. This is despite the promises from government ministers to respect local opinion. Either the ministers are being untruthful or the inspectors are ignoring them.

It is not too late to bring home to the applicants for this Turbine the strength of local opinion against it. We would suggest that all people who feel this way should stop using this shop and write to the owners about their strong objections to this development proceeding.

We urge everyone who feels strongly about the industrialisation of our countryside to act now!

Dr G F Vanstone FREng


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