February 2012 Newsletter.

Newsletter 7thFebruary 2012

1. Tredown Wind Turbines (11993/2008 & 01640/2011)

No activity has been noted at the site.

2. Tredown pre-application presentation for two large wind turbines.

As of writing this Newsletter no application has been submitted but we are still very much on the alert for such a move. Draft Objection letters and list of possible Objections for both sites have been drawn up and were available at the Turbine update Meeting. These will be sent out to all members when and if an application is submitted.

Letters have been written to Natural England, Campaign to Protect Rural England and Dartmoor National Park making them aware of the pre-application and advising them of our concern.

Natural England has responded in some detail and amongst many suggestions has advised us that we would need to record a complete species list of any Protected Species (Birds and Bats) present in the vicinity. Is any member able to help us in this matter?

3. Turbine Update Meeting and the Coffee and Cakes Morning.


Both events were very successful raising a total of £394 so a big thank you to all who attended and a special thank you to Rosie Culverhouse for all the effort she put in organising the two events.

4. New Signs and Posters.

Our new Sign has been erected on the entrance to Milton Abbot from Tavistock and we will be having some similar but smaller signs (4ft x 2ft) made shortly. If anyone has a suitable spot (Good visibility from a road etc.) for the placing of a sign would they please contact me? Also we need some metal tubing such as scaffolding poles to mount the signs so again if anyone can help please let me know.

We also have new posters which come in two sizes, A4 and A3 with the latter being laminated. The A4 size is ideal for putting in a Window or Car and the A3 outside in a garden so if you would like some all you have to do is ask!

5. Communication with Mabrake..

If you are a member who relies on a Postal contact then unfortunately you miss a great deal in what is going on as I can only update you with the occasional Newsletter delivered by hand or post.

E-mail contact is much better and if your sons/daughters/grandchildren have an e-mail address we can keep you up to date through them so please let me know by contacting me on mabrake@btinternet.com .

However our Web site (www.mabrake.com) is regularly updated with news and clips from the Press and is by far the best way of keeping in touch. Visit www.mabrake.com and follow the instructions in red (4th paragraph of Welcome to Mabrake!) and this will automatically tell you when a new item is added.

6. New members

There are still many people in the area who are not members of Mabrake but share our views on the proposed wind turbines. If you know of anyone please let me have their names and addresses, email etc. so that we can invite them to join us. The larger our membership the larger our clout!


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