MABRAKE was formed in 2008 following the initial planning application for the two small wind turbines being made by Tredown Farm. Founding members realised that the West Devon Borough Council (WDBC) only gave some two weeks’ notice for objections to be submitted and that by forming into a group they should be better organised to study and if necessary object to any possible future applications.The core strategy chosen for MABRAKE is to protect the environment in our area against what we consider to be inappropriate planning.

In June 2011 a Screening Opinion was sought from WDBC by Murex/Aardvark for the installation of two 220ft Wind Turbines to be installed at Borough Cross and Ramsdown.

Mabrake immediately organised a petition covering the areas most affected and the figures obtained were then provided to both Milton Abbot Grouped Parish Council and Kelly Parish Meeting so that they could be incorporated into the responses to WDBC/Murex. Mabrake also encouraged as many people as possible to attend the presentation by Murex and the fact that roughly 150 people attended showed the effectiveness of the action group.

Despite some 85% of the local population objecting to these proposals we still expect Murex to submit planning applications for one or both Wind Turbines. In anticipation of this MABRAKE is working hard by contacting other local organisations, professional consultants etc. to help prepare the necessary objection letters.

MABRAKE organised a visit for Geoffrey Cox QC MP to the sites proposed. He was visibly dismayed to see the location which over-powers the nearby historic landmark of Brentor and stated that he felt this proposal was totally inappropriate for this area.

If you are not a member please join us and help stop this intrusion into our beautiful and peaceful countryside by contacting the Secretary by email to mabrake1@btinternet.com


Chariman: Dr G. Vanstone

Secretary: Dr G.Vanstone (temp)

Committee: Mr C. Burchell, Mrs R Culverhouse, Mr G.D. Spratt, Mr M. Cunniffe