MACKPlan – Successful Referendum

We were delighted to see that the Milton Abbot/ Chillaton/Kelly (and surrounding districts) Neighbouhood Plan successfully passed the referendum stage on the 23rd June.

235 residents voted in favour of the neighbourhood plan being used to help decide planning applications and 23 residents voted against it; a turnout of 31%.  The threshold for the MACK Plan to come into force was in excess of 50% of the vote so the 90.7% achieved is a strong endorsement of the plan. 

As well as having a significant impact on any future Planning Applications in the area the Plan also incorporates a number of Policies and proposed Community Actions which when implemented will provide a further level of environmental protection.

The Plan now moves to an implementation stage under the responsibility of Milton Abbot Grouped Parish council. MAGPC are in the process of establishing an Implementation Team under the leadership of James Hitchcock. We know that James would be delighted to receive any offers of help to assist in the implementation of the Plan. Please contact us at and we can put you in contact with James if you wish to help.

MABRAKE will continue its support during the Implementation Stage as we have done throughout the 8 years it took to complete the MACKPlan.

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