Davidstowe Wind Farm plans abandoned.


Some Good News at Last!

29th January 2014


Well established renewable energy company, Community Windpower Ltd (CWL) which has 300MW of operating and consented onshore wind power in the UK, has finally decided to abandon two key onshore wind farm projects in England following the Government’s introduction of the Energy Market Reform.

Davidstow Wind Farm, located on a World War II airfield in North Cornwall and Claughton Moor Wind Farm, located beside an operating wind farm near Lancaster in Lancashire, together would have provided over 70MW for the local electricity network and contributed in excess of £100m into the regional economies. Over 120 construction jobs would have been created with long term employment and economic benefits to local communities.

Rod Wood, Managing Director of Community Windpower Ltd said: “It is really disappointing to close our office in Camelford, make staff redundant, shut down our renewable energy developments in England and write off millions of pounds of investment. The Government has been constantly shifting its position on UK renewables and it’s now planning to rush through an auction process which is likely to crash the price at best, or in the worst case, stop generators selling green energy altogether. The previous auction system under NFFO simply didn’t work”.

“UK and overseas investors have hundreds of millions invested in the development of green energy in the UK; all invested on the basis of a fixed strike price until 2020 and any U‐turn will completely undermine this investment. Meanwhile the Government continues to seek green energy from abroad and with the current lack of clarity beyond 2020, jobs and investment will inevitably be lost overseas at the expense of UK plc”.

“This is no way of inviting investors to commit £110 billion into the UK, to keep the lights on and support a burgeoning renewables industry”.

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