Tredown 77m Wind Turbine – Public Meeting.

Tredown 250 foot (77m) Wind Turbine

Many of you will have received a leaflet from a company called Murex saying they are proposing to seek permission to erect a 77m high Wind Turbine at a site just about 700m from Milton Abbot.

This Turbine would have a devastating effect on Milton Abbot and other surrounding villages.

  • It will devalue your property (confirmed by an estate agent at our last meeting – no one wants to live next to a turbine)
  • It will affect our tourist industry (B&B’s etc) Visitors come because of the outstanding beauty of this area.
  • The many, many tonnes of concrete in the base for the turbine could have an impact on the water supplies
  • There is already another application for a Turbine at Beckwell Farm, close to this Turbine – do we want Ramsdown above us to become a Wind Farm?
  • More of them will follow!
  • It’s the highest area between Dartmoor, Bodmin Moor and the Tamar Valley – it will be seen for miles and will be a terrible blot on the landscape.

What is all this for? Where is the benefit?

Murex Claim:

  • It will help close the ‘energy gap’ and reduce CO2 emissions – it will have no significant effect. Because Wind Turbines are unreliable they have to be backed up by power stations
  • They are going to be making a contribution to the community – this will be very a small part of the profits being made by the developer and the landowner. Which we are subsidising!!

A PUBLIC MEETING will be held to discuss this proposal at Milton Abbot Public Hall on MONDAY 17th February at 7pm

Respond to MUREX saying you strongly object to their proposal

(email address;

If you don’t respond they will say to WDBC that there are few objections.

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2 Responses to Tredown 77m Wind Turbine – Public Meeting.

  1. Michael Penn says:

    I have sent the following letter of protest. I have no doubt that it will get ignored if at all possible. Michael Penn



    From: Michael Penn (

    Sent: 04 February 2014 15:58:17

    To: (

    59 Prouts Way Tregadillett Launceston Pl15 7HT Cornwall Re: Proposed Wind Turbine at Tredown Dear Sir, I regard this proposal to create another of these unwanted Triffids in an area of real beauty as an outrage. You and your greedy colleagues should be hanging your heads in shame. This as proposed, will be some 77m high, and only 700 metres from a beautiful village that I pass through regularly. I have no doubt that you will try and peddle the bare faced lie that this is all in the interests of green energy. It has, as you are well aware, very little to do with energy, and just about everything to do with greedy land owners and parasitical organisations like yours feasting on bloated subsidies; which we the long suffering peasantry have then to pay for. If you really want green energy, and this is not just another excuse for your desecration of the countryside, then why not do something useful and help support us researchers who are trying to bring in real 24/7, 365 days of the year green energy. Green energy which will be far cheaper than anything currently on the market. Yours faithfully, Michael Penn

    Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2014 13:41:46 +0000 To:

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