Reminder – Public Meeting – 24th September 2014

Please note a very important Public meeting will be held at the Village Hall, Milton Abbot on the 24th September at 7.30pm to discuss the Ramsdown Wind turbine Application. Both MUREX and MABRAKE have bee invited to speak.

This meeting has been set up by the MAGPC (Milton Abbot Grouped Parish Council) and it is important that once again as many people attend as possible as the MAGPC Council members will take into account the result when considering their response to the Ramsdown application. The Chairman of Kelly Parish Meeting will also be attending in a similar role on behalf of Kelly and Meadwell.

Leaflets advertising this event have been circulated to as many houses as possible within the MAGPC and Kelly and Meadwell area also please note the proposed date for the flying of the Blimp at Ramsdown should read Tuesday 23rd September!

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