Ramsdown Wind Turbine – Have you objected yet?

The closing date for objections has been set as the 2nd October 2014 which means we only have just over one week in which to encourage everyone to OBJECT!

Some of the reasons for objecting are as follows:-

1.  The Ramsdown Turbine will be sited within 1km of Milton Abbot village, designed by Lutyens and built by the Duke of Bedford in the 19c. The village contains a mix of Grade I and Grade II listed buildings and is a special conservation area.

2.  The Turbine will dominate views to and from the 12c Grade I listed St Constantine’s Church in Milton Abbot

3.  Sited on one of the highest hills in West Devon, it will be prominent in views to and from the Tamar Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Dartmoor National Park.

4.  It will be visible with other similar turbines at South Petherwin and Launceston in Cornwall and the Lifton Farm Shop and Wortham Manor ones already in West Devon creating an appalling cumulative effect.
If you would like more detailed reasons for objecting please  email us at mabrake@btinternet.com

View the application on:

Object Online by doing the above and then click on the “Click here if you wish to comment on this application”

Object in writing to: The Planning Department, West Devon Borough Council, Kilworthy Park, Drake Road. Tavistock. PL19 0BZ.

Object by emailing: planning@westdevon.gov.uk

Please make it clear that you are “objecting” and quote the application number 01013/2014 and your name and address. Please remember that each member of a household can object separately.

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3 Responses to Ramsdown Wind Turbine – Have you objected yet?

  1. Michael Penn says:

    Folks,It is just a thought, given the recent events north of the border. If more power is to be given to Scotland / England, etc, then surely it follows that when the democratic process has been followed at a local level, on what are local issues (wind farms, planning in general, etc), then Whitehall has no longer the moral right to interfere in these matters. They may have, for the moment, a legal right, but that is a very different thing. Thus if the county council rejects a planning application, could we as electors and citizens refuse to recognize a Whitehall organised appeal, as being contrary to local democracy and justice. I am thinking of the objections to fracking.Cheers,Michael Penn Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2014 07:30:35 +0000To: michaelpenn@live.co.ukFrom: comment-reply@wordpress.comSubject: [New post] Ramsdown Wind Turbine – Have you objected yet?


    mabrake posted: “The closing date for objections has been set as the 2nd October 2014 which means we only have just over one week in which to encourage everyone to OBJECT!

    Some of the reasons for objecting are as follows:-

    1. The Ramsdown Turbine will be sited with”

  2. 1saveenergy says:

    I know you can’t object on false claims of output or efficiency, but the following info can be useful in influencing people that the green hype is just….hype !!
    Get it in front of decision makers ASAP so they can check it out, remember the have been bombarded with false claims for years & have never seen the real figures

    Total UK Wind Capacity = 25.8 GW (see 7 below )

    But as I write this, UK wind is producing less than 1GW…..again !!
    (see – http://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk/ )
    So where’s the other 24.8 GW that we’ve already subsidised ???

    Energy facts & links + stuff ( I have loads more available if you want )

    1 – This site gives Live UK Grid status – demand & generation by all fuels.….. now + Day, Wk, Mth, Yr, history. [It’s auto refresh]
    Caution *, scales are all different so don’t compare at first glance !! Look at the figures !! http://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk/

    2 – Similar Live Grid status for France (shows solar & Euro-export) – http://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk/france/

    3 – Live Power for National Grid- (manual reset)
    Simplified set showing Wind, Coal, Gas, Nuclear, Imports, Hydro/Bio, outputs = GW.

    4 – Interactive switch-able graph showing Live UK Grid status – demand & generation by all fuels + minima, maxima & averages. [ follow on screen instructions ]

    5 – Map of Europe showing RWE’s ‘green’ plants – live production data –
    [ Notes: 1. A minus fig indicates them taking power from grid to rotate blades ect.
    2. Capacity in MW but output is in kW, so divide output by 1,000 to compare.
    3 . It’s a manual reset.]

    6 – Here is an easy to use, (incomplete) Interactive map of UK wind sites
    This DECC map is more comprehensive but also incomplete (& not easy to use)

    7- According to the wind industry (Sept 2014) , UK currently has 1,278 Windfarms comprising –
    10,659 large turbines, + approx 20,000 small turbines,
    Total Capacity ≈ 26 GW
    See – http://www.renewableuk.com/en/renewable-energy/wind-energy/uk-wind-energy-database/index.cfm/maplarge/1

    • • Even with all that capacity wind has only provided a measly 7% in the last 9 mths
    See- http://www.ukpowergeneration.info/

    8 – this is how much EXTRA we pay per mth for low density intermittent ‘green’ energy – http://www.variablepitch.co.uk/finance/
    & yes the figs are £millions/mth. (worth exploring the rest of the site, loads of info)

    It’s ALL about the subsidies…paid by us.

    Lots more info from- Department of Energy & Climate Change ( DECC ) & Grid figs ( Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics ( DUKES) http://tinyurl.com/n4k7n8 ) particularly Chapter 6

    • • And don’t start me off about the so called ‘community benefits’; They take our money, give a small % back, keep the rest & we are supposed to see that as a benefit !!! (Google- ponzi scam ).

    • It is a very dangerous world, when politics & money, trump science & engineering facts.

    Good luck

    • mabrake says:

      Excellent comment and thank you for all the links. As you might guess we have most of them but a couple are new!
      Your last paragraph is particularly true and a very worrying trend in our society!

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