Wortham Wind Turbine built

The mist moved and it was there” is how one Mabrake member described seeing the Wortham Wind Turbine for the first time this morning!  The Turbine was built over the weekend by a German team which once again explodes the myth that Wind Turbines help protect British jobs!

Travel down the road from Chillaton to Lifton and you will see the huge monstrosity (77m to the Tip) towering over the countryside on your right hand side and surprisingly its some two miles away.  Shortly from the same spot you will see the new Lifton Farm Shop turbine (same size of 77m) three times bigger that the existing one!

If the Ridgecombe Farm turbine becomes reality then that will just be above the spot described above on the Chillaton to Lifton road and the three will make a perfect triangle around Lifton!

How can this be happening?

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