Ridgecombe Farm Turbine – Lifton Parish Council Meeting.

I’m pleased to report that a large number of objectors attended the Lifton Parish Council meeting held last Thursday 27th February 2014 when the Ridgecombe Farm pre-application was discussed.

During an hour long discussion many points were raised including the fact that some 20 families live within 1/2 mile, the site is the highest point in the parish and this proposed turbine will be clearly be seen for miles around. Many other relevant points were made including the fact that some relatively close residents had not been notified but as this was only a screening application this could be expected.

Following the open meeting the Councillors voted unanimously in favour of recommending that an Environmental Impact Assessment be carried out and this decision was forwarded to the Planning Department of WDBC.

The Council also responded to Aardvarks letter pointing out that a very strong protest against the proposal had been shown at the Councils meeting.


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