Beckwell Turbine – Good News!

The WDBC Planning Committee voted unanimously to refuse the Wind Turbine application for Beckwell Farm this morning (4th March 2014).

Bob Baldwin (Milton Ford Councillor), Howard Asbridge (MAGPC) and Dr Gary Vanstone (Mabrake) all spoke passionately on the value of the surrounding landscape and Heritage sites most importantly the fact that Dartmoor National Park, the Landscape Officer, MAGPC, Kelly Parish Meeting and Mabrake all objected to the proposal along with many individual objectors.  One Councillor raised this very point and asked why the Planning Officer had, despite the objections, still recommended conditional acceptance  and the reply given was that it had been a very close call.

Several other Councillors spoke and all agreed that the value of the West Devon landscape character should not be put at risk by a proposal to reduce electricity costs on one farm even though they had some sympathy with the farming comunity over rising energy costs.

It is expected, but not confirmed at this time, that the applicant will appeal against this decision.

Finally well done to the Mabrake supporters – all twelve of you who attended the meeting and showed the Planning Committee that we do care about our local countryside!




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2 Responses to Beckwell Turbine – Good News!

  1. maggiemccall says:

    Yippee, I do hope that it goes as well for the appeal, personallly I do not understand the “close call” bit when it was unanimously to reject….. do not see this as a close call myself. tghere are other ways of generating electricity for the farmer other than wind turbines, so in that respect I have no sympathy, but also lets bear in mind that one reason for the rising electricity costs are because of these turbines and their ludicrous subsidies. I am so glad they voted to preserve our wonderful landscape….. Long may it continue, Well done to all at MABRAKE.

    • mabrake says:

      We do not yet know if an appeal will be made but this is a good start as you say – we must keep Ramsdown free of Wind Turbines!

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