Heane Farm – Hatherleigh – Solar/Wind Turbine Proposal

MI-grid Ltd is exploring the possibility of building some form of renewable energy system at Heane Farm, Hatherleigh and are circulating leaflets around the area to test the water!

Amongst their suggestions are:-

1.   A 5Mw Solar Farm covering approximately 25 acres.

2.   Three 100m+ wind turbines which would have a combined output of 6Mw

3.  Single Medium scale wind turbine (900kKw)/Single Small scale wind turbine (50Kw)

A decision on which development will take place will be taken following the result of a screening opinion from the local authority and upon consideration of the responses received from the leaflet.

If you wish to contact mi-grid then you may email them at heane@mi-grid.co.uk or by writing to them at:-

Heane Farm Project

Mi-Grid Ltd

The Studio

Trevissome Park

Truro  TR4 8UN.





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