Solar farm and Wind Turbine just south of Roadford Lake Dam


In case you haven’t noticed, this large Solar Farm has been built by Mr John Worden of  Rexon Cross Farm in fields just south of Roadford Dam and may be seen when driving towards the Dam from the A30 junction just before the corner at the top of the hill. (The photo taken a few days ago doesn’t do justice to the size of this installation which covers some 10.4 hectares)

What is also alarming is the fact the planning permission has been given, after appeal, for a 72m wind turbine in the field adjacent to this site which is the corner field around which the road turns at the top of the hill.

The application for the Solar Farm (1/1054/2012/FULM) comes under Torridge District Council and so was not noticed until now.

The Appeal Inspectors decision re the Wind Turbine (which is well worth reading in full) may be read at:-

Click to access 1_0176_2012_FUL–621730.pdf



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