Return of the Wind Turbines – New Threat!

Mabrake and others have successfully lobbied to stop the installation of new On-Shore Wind Turbines. However a new threat is growing. Powerful energy companies and investment  groups are pressing the government and opposition parties to allow many new Turbines to be installed in the UK countryside. They argue that this is necessary to meet the new government target of a UK net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. This is not true!

The UK has done remarkably well in building renewable energy capacity through Off-Shore Wind Turbine investment, something Mabrake supports. There are many other ways that our renewable energy resources can be expanded without destroying our countryside. For example why are not all major commercial buildings encouraged to install solar panels on their roofs, why are not all new residential buildings made to install solar tiles (more attractive than panels) as part of building regulations.

Mabrake recently contacted our local MP Geoffrey Cox on this matter,in the past he has supported our campaigns against specific applications to install large wind Turbines locally. He has promised to lobby on our behalf to resist any changes to government policy in this area.

If you want to add your voice and tell Geoffrey how you feel about the prospect of large new wind Turbines then he can be contacted on:

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