We need your help! Now is the time to put pressure on our political leaders to change Renewable Energy policies.

We need your help – Now is the time to put pressure on our political leaders to change Renewable Energy policies.
We need as many MABRAKE members as possible to write to our political leaders and local MP to demand a change in policy. With the election coming up if enough of us write it could have some effect.
Write to as many of the leaders as you can Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrats, UKIP and Greens. Together with our local MP Geoffrey Cox. All the contact details for these people can be found on the internet.
This is what our Chairman DR Vanstone wrote for example:
I am writing to you about the current Renewable Energy Policy of the government which has been prioritizing the construction of large Wind Turbines and Solar Farms. In areas of Devon and Cornwall this policy has had a disastrous impact on the landscape, it is adversely affecting our historic buildings and villages and also enforcing devastating changes to the lives of many people by both reducing their property values and their quality of life.
It also clear that this policy is having a major impact on energy costs and our ability to maintain a secure and reliable energy supply. Now is the time to include a new policy in your manifesto for the following reasons:
1. Both Ed Davey (Minister for Energy and Climate Change) and Lord Deben (Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change). Have said we have enough installed and approved capacity to meet our legally binding 2020 targets on Renewable Energy.
2. The current policy is very expensive to the Treasury in direct subsidies. It is also very difficult and expensive for the National Grid to cope with the uncontrolled surges of power produced by Wind Turbines and the times when they produce little or no contribution.
3. The policy has a High Environmental Impact changing the landscape dramatically in large areas of Devon and Cornwall. It is having an extremely damaging effect on our Historic Villages, Listed Buildings and the setting of our National Parks.
4. It has generated very few jobs in the UK. The Turbines and Solar Farms being installed in Devon and Cornwall are all imported and largely installed by foreign teams.

In the new investment era for Renewable Energy we should have criteria that prioritise a number of elements:
· Less cost to the Treasury
· Lower Environmental Impact on our landscape and historic assets
· Creating more jobs in the UK.

An example of this is to mandate (through building regulations) that all new residential and commercial buildings are equipped with Solar Roof Tiles (see for example http://www.solarcentury.com/uk/c21e/ ) and that existing properties are also encouraged to install them. This would initially increase building costs and would require some subsidies but once volume increased the subsidies could be reduced or eliminated altogether. Manufacturers in the UK could also be encouraged to invest in plant capacity and jobs. Such a policy would:
· Spread investment to more areas across the country and to a greater number of people.
· Create more UK jobs
· Have a Low Environmental Impact on our precious Landscape.

This is only one proposal, if the criteria for Renewable Energy is changed many more proposals for investment options will emerge.
In the meantime Stop the Landscape Destruction, Stop the costs we cannot afford by changing Planning Policy NOW by allowing no more Large Turbines and Solar Farms to be approved.

Please use some or all of this or use your own words – but do write or email!

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