Thanks for your support at the Milton Abbot meeting

Once again our supporters turned up in force to the Ramsdown Wind Turbine meeting held in Milton Abbot by the Milton Abbot Grouped Parish Council. Nearly 120 people crammed into the hall and once again gave an enthusiastic and unanimous “NO” to “do we want a Wind turbine on Ramsdown?”

Murex, decided not to attend leaving the Chairman to summarise their application.

David Gynn, Secretary of MABRAKE spoke on what was not included in the application and felt that that was what Murex would not want to hear and probably why they did not attend!

The Chairman for the evening (Howard Asbridge) did a really excellent job of answering questions whilst staying neutral as Secretary of the MAGPC but assured those present that when taking the evenings result into account he felt sure the Council would vote accordingly.

The MAGPC councillors will meet on the 30th September to discuss this issue and anyone is welcome to attend but no one other than the Councillors would be permitted to speak. The size of the hall available that evening is very small so please only attend if you feel you must.
For reason known only to themselves, Murex have said they would attend this meeting but again have been told under no circumstances will they be allowed to speak.

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