Wreys Barton Farm Wind Turbine

MABRAKE Meeting – Lewdown.
As most of you already know a very successful meeting was held at the Victory Hall, Lewdown on Monday 1st September when some 130+ people filled the hall to capacity to learn about MABRAKE and see if it would be possible to form a Stowford Action Group. A Donations Box left at the rear of the hall collected some £254 which was a great start. A number of people stepped forward to form a committee and a few more offered there services should the need arise.

Parish Council Meeting – Stowford.
The Parish Council at Stowford organised this meeting and invited Murex and MABRAKE to speak on the proposed wind turbine planned for Wreys Barton Farm. Some 100+ people attended with many carrying placards clearly indicating what they thought of the idea!
Steve Ellam and Walter Wannacott represented Murex and Neil Farrington represented Cornwall Power Cornwall and all three spoke on their subject resulting in a very large and diverse range of questions from the audience.
David Gynn (Secretary) spoke on behalf of MABRAKE (Our Chairman having decided this was a good month to go on holiday) and filled in some facts not surprisingly omitted by Murex and finished by asking the audience if they wanted a wind turbine in Stowford – the resultant NO was enough to deafen the average person.
The Chairman of the meeting (Dave Hewitt) closed the meeting by asking if anyone was in support of the development with the result being dead silence. The end of a very good meeting.

Formation of Stowford and Lewdown Turbine Action Group – SALT.
Following the meeting at Lewdown, the group of volunteers got themselves together and formed a Committee. The Chairman elected was Doug Muir, the Vice-Chairman Simon Wolstenholm, Treasurer Bill Steele and the Secretary Nick Barton.The first item on the agenda was the name and that is given above. The Group have already commenced emailing all new members welcoming them aboard.
All members of SALT will automatically be added to the MABRAKE mailing list so that we are all kept in touch with each others news.

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