Lawhitton needs your help – Part 2!

Nearly four weeks ago I asked for your help in supporting the residents of Lawhitton who are threatened by a proposed wind turbine opposite the Launceston Cricket Club. Many local residents were unaware of this proposal until recently but one family is fighting back and trying to get more objections lodged.

This Turbine would be located opposite the existing one at Scarne Farm and therefore would be on the top of the hill on the left hand side of the Callington road when leaving Launceston. In addition to the visual and cumulative impact it should be pointed out that Newton Farm, only some 500m from the existing Scarne monstrosity, is a Grade II listed farmhouse and if this new application is allowed to go ahead will be sandwiched between two 77m turbines!

The owners of Newton Farm are complaining bitterly about the noise from the Scarne turbine which they describe as a swishing noise from the blades plus a whirring noise which stands out from the usual background noise.

We understand Community Power Cornwall held a public meeting back in February and describe the application as being supported by themselves, Connick Renewable Energy of The Barton Lawhitton and the Perry Family of Lawhitton.

Last night (12th June) the Launceston Town Council held its monthly meeting and the Turbine application was discussed. Sadly the result, although against the proposal, was not as clear as opponents would have liked with four councillors voting against the proposal and three for. Two councillors who were absent had appointed stand-ins but they were not allowed to vote!

If you have not entered a submission the local population around Lawhitton would be most grateful if you would support them by either logging on to the Cornwall County Council web site:-

or by going directly to the Cornwall County Council/Planning and enter the application number PA14/03557

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