Couple ‘sandwiched’ between two turbines in idyllic Devon | Western Morning News

The Turbine owners comment really gets me “Everything has been done legally – if people want to complain they should complain to the Government.”

No consideration for your neighbours then?


Couple ‘sandwiched’ between two turbines in idyllic Devon | Western Morning News.

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  1. Chris says:

    Hi all, Planning doesn’t work, public opinion is irrelavant, so let’s try sarcasm!

    Some Thoughts about Lifton by Chris Burchell


    Athelstan came to Lifton, A nation soon to form, He gathered all the great and good, In their tents upon the lawns.

    Below, the Lyd, salmon rich, Fed and watered all, As wise men forged alliances Bringing nationhood to all.

    Old England’s beauty, Devonian’s labour formed With a Viking here, a Welshman there, Signed at Lifton- our nation, England’s, dawn.

    And all this time, Proud Dartmoor glanced fondly down, From her heather purple cladded tors, Old Lifton’s mantled crown.

    Chris Burchell. (c) 2014

    But now of course, the Vandals have arrived…

    “Now let me see…I own a few beautiful Devon acres, but it’s hard work making a viable living from them. Hmm… I’d like to get an income of about £200,000 to-£300,000 pa from them. Now I could build a 15 storey block of ‘eco’ flats, towering, what? 80m over surrounding fields. Oh, get an architect to paint them all white to make them ‘pretty’ of course. Advantages: 30 local low income families housed, employment brought to the delightful little hamlet below, with it 14thC church. And seen for miles- brilliant! ‘A no-brainer’! OR….. I might put up an 80m turbine to ‘save the planet’- and get me £200,000 to £300,000 pa. before I get out of bed. Paint this ‘green’ icon white so it can be seen for miles over the once beautiful countryside. Housing families? no- Local employment? no- (Danish turbine, German work crew- good old Europe) And the noise would keep awake those lazy oggins in their little medieval hamlet below, with its 14C church. Idle lumpkins….Won’t bother me, ’cause I’ve sold the rights to a hedge fund, and live in the Maldives on the profit. RIGHT sleeves up, let’s get planning! Wonder which plan the Council would approve?..anyway there’s always the APPEAL. (Nice blokes those Bristol lot)”…….

    Chris Burchell. Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2014 18:50:29 +0000 To:

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