Great meeting at Milton Abbot

For those of you who were unable to attend the meeting at Milton Abbot on Monday 17th February I have put up our Chairmans (Dr Gary Vanstone) talk on this web site.  Please go down the right hand column in blue headed with “Recent Posts”, then “Archives” to the bottom where it says “Pages” where you will find “Chairmans Talk – Milton Abbot – 17th February 2014”

The meeting was a huge success with many questions being raised and answered not only by the Chairman but also by Cllr Bob Baldwin (WDBC) and Cllr Howard Asbridge (MAGPC).

Mabrake also offered support and help to the Lifton members who will be fighting the Ridgecombe Farm proposal (Again Murex) and more on this will be given as soon as detail is known.

Many people wanted to object to both the Tredown and Ridgecombe proposals and for your benefit the email addresses of Aardvark and Murex are as follows:-



It is important to remember that there is no point in writing to WDBC at this time as both of these proposals are a Scoping and Opinion request.  However it is important to note that WDBC has replied to Aardvark concerning the Tredown request and has requested a full Environmental Impact Assessment.

Finally the Chairman requested we reiterate his statement that at least 10,000 turbines would be required to generate the same amount as a large power station.

The calculation is based on the Tredown Turbine which will produce 23% of 900kw =207kw which when multiplied by 10000 = 2Gw  A large power stations output is anywhere between 1 and 4 Gw (Drax for example is 3.9Gw)

Finally welcome to all the new members who have joined us over the last two weeks. Please spread the word and we will defeat Murex and its money grabbing partners!


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