Beckwell Wind Turbine – Important Update

I am pleased to report a large number of people attended the meeting organised by the Milton Abbot Grouped Parish Council last evening. The vote at the end of the meeting showed that the majority of those attending wished to object to the Application and the MAGPC took this into consideration before retiring for a closed session. They have promised to enter their submission to WDBC by the 10th January 2013.

Despite the large turnouts only a few people have entered their personal submissions to WDBC. It is important that the Council see that individually we care about our countryside so please if you have not already done so do it now by either writing to:-

WDBC, Kilworthy Park, Drake Road, Tavistock. PL19 0BZ and quoting 01243/2013

or by following this link :-

Please remember that we still recommend you get your written submissions into WDBC by the 10th January 2014 although the Planning Officer has stated that any submissions received after that date but before the 20th January 2014 are likely to be considered. Those before the 10th January 2014 will be taken into consideration.

Finally Councillor Bob Baldwin has also confirmed that he has “called in” this application so that it will be considered by the full Planning Committee possibly at its next meeting in early February.

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