Beckwell Farm – Wind Turbine Application – 01243/2013

Beckwell Farm has now formalised its application for a single wind turbine which is 24m to the hub and 34m ( 111 feet) to the blade tip.

Although this application is for a smaller turbine than the 77m turbines previously being proposed by other applicants for Ramsdown and Borough Cross it is nevertheless being proposed for the same ridge which separates the Lyd Valley going up to North Dartmoor from the area that slopes down to the Tamar Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The landscape views from sections of this ridge are some of the most magnificent in the whole of the westcountry. That is why it has been designated in the past as an Area of Great Landscape Value. This ridge and the proposed location of this turbine will therefore be visible from great distances including within the iconic view from Brentor Church.

Because of the impact on this sensitive landscape MABRAKE will be officially objecting to this proposed development and would urge all our members to object as well. Objections have to be sent to West Devon Planning Office by January 10th 2014. The objections can be sent by post or entered in the appropriate section on the West Devon web site. In either case quote the application number (01243/2013).

For an example of a detailed response please see Chris Burchell’s objection letter to WDBC and posted as a separate item on this website

We in MABRAKE understand and sympathise with the need for farmers to reduce their electricity costs and believe that in sensitive locations like this small solar arrays which can be adequately screened represent the most acceptable option. For this reason MABRAKE did not object to the solar array application at Sherrill Farm, Milton Abbot.

Dr Gary Vanstone FREng




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