Beckwell Farm, Kelly – Wind Turbine

Screening Application for Wind Turbine – Beckwell Farm

There is currently a screening application for a Wind Turbine at Beckwell Farm. The application is number 00954/2013. Screening applications are preliminary to a full planning application and ask the Planning Officer if an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) is required. In this case the Officer has decided that no EIA is required.

The Turbine would be 34m to the blade tip. The Grid Reference in the application, X242098 Y80894, appears to be incorrect and we believe this should be X42098 Y80894 which is roughly 500m North of Ramsdown Cross and 900m SE of Borough Cross. Chillaton will be roughly 1.5km NE of the proposed site and Milton Abbot some 2km SSW.

MABRAKE are asking for local people’s views on this application. It is a relatively small Turbine (50Kw), which we believe is meant to supply electricity to the farm, some 500m NNE from the site. However it is a very sensitive and visible area and one concern we have is that it could lead to further applications for larger Turbines in that area.

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