Lifton Farm Shop Wind Turbine – Appeal

Please note that the Planning Inspectorate, on the 12th November 2013, has appointed Mr R W Grantham to consider this appeal

The Inspector will visit the site at Lifton Farm Shop at 10.15am on Monday 9th December 2013. However he will not discuss or listen to arguments/appeals from any of the parties concerned but will ask for physical features to be pointed out by the interested parties as described in their written representations.

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2 Responses to Lifton Farm Shop Wind Turbine – Appeal

  1. Crossgreen Woodworks says:

    Do you know when the planning inspectorate is planning to look at the application at Wortham Farm Lifton ? Many Thanks

    • mabrake says:

      Wortham Farm (00300/2013) Appeal has raised a lot of recent correspondence between WDBC and the Appellant and this correspondence can be see under 00300/2013 on WDBC site. The Appeal 2199327 is therefore still being considered by the Inspector although it was due to be finished by the end of August 2013.

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