Sad letter from a resident at Edgcumbe, Penryn

I’m putting this on the web site as it is typical of the cries for help we frequently see.  Unfortunately these cries for help are generally ignored by Councils, Planners even the MP’s who say they are doing all they can – but nothing changes. Even the Governments edict that Planners should listen to local residents is still being totally ignored. If anyone can help in the Penryn area I’m sure your support would be appreciated:-

Proposal of further solar panel development at Edgcumbe by Bluefield energy

What gives any company seeking profit the right to destroy our environment, devalue our homes and take the heart out of people who have worked hard to buy and maintain their properties?

We have already experienced the horror of a solar farm company who in our opinion (from knowledge gathered since) gained planning permission
by deception, did not adhere to regulations by working every weekend (including Easter Friday, Sunday and Monday) with loud machinery all day long and filled the land with tons of concrete. At present
rather than the glossy portrayal of sheep grazing between panels we have nothing but very high unsightly weeds.

From a personal point of view our hearts sink every day as we open the curtains. Either we are faced with a grim, grey eyesore or in the morning
on a sunny day an immense glare which prevents us from looking in that
direction at all. It is becoming hard to remember the lovely green fields and how beautiful it was in the evening sun.

It is not ideal living near a main road but we live here because at least we have the open countryside to compensate. Take that away and there is no appeal left to our area. Surely as council tax payers we should have some say in what happens here!

We are sending this letter to anyone who may have an involvement in this
situation with hope that this time local voices will be heard and that recipients of this letter may help to prevent so much sadness, anger and resentment for the residents of Edgcumbe.


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