Turbine Application PA13/03948 North Tamerton, Holsworthy, Cornwall

I’ve received the following from a couple who live close to the proposed site:-

We have recently received notice of an application for a 55 meter wind turbine 500 meters to the south of Ogbeare Hall. We believe the turbine will be devastating to the unspoiled view we have from our house. In an attempt to have the application refused by Cornwall Council we are asking for your help in defeating this application.
I have below copied to you, the link to Cornwall Council Planning Department to allow you to make an objection.  We hope you will help us out and in your own words take the time to format and make your own objection to this turbine. We have been advised that on occasions objections made on line have not appeared on the site. If you have the time, may we ask that you also send a written objection to Cornwall Council. This can merely be a copy of your email. All objections will have to be made on or before 19 July 2013
You will appreciate that one of the attractions of Ogbeare to us is it’s isolation and outlook. The threat of the proposed turbine has been upsetting and depressing to us both and we hope with a concerted effort we can knock it for six. We will keep you informed of our progress.
If you feel you can help by objecting please do so.
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