Pre-application – 47acre Solar Farm at Bradstone!

Green Switch has submitted a pre-application or “scoping application” for a huge 9MWp 47 acre Solar farm at Laskeys Farm at Bradstone, PL19 0QS.

Full details may be found on the WDBC under 00055/2013 but to access this application you need to go to the Weekly Planning list dated 31st May – 6th June and click on the appropriate item.

For ease of locating the proposed site (which is given as Bradstone Grange)  I have drawn a map below to show the location which is northwest of Bradstone Grange and northwest of the Bradstone to Felldownhead road and oddly the majority of the land slopes towards the North!

The Planning Officer is due to respond by the 21st June and Mabrake is currently trying to see if we can make our views known before this date. Mabrake feels strongly that an Environmental Investigation (EIA) should be required.

Bradstone Solar 2

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