Den Brook, North Tawton – Application to amend AM noise levels – 00393/2013

Many of you will be aware of the long running battle between RES (Renewable Energy Systems) and the residents of the Den Brook area who have formed the Den Brook Judicial Review Group (DBJRG).

I have tried to explain the situation is simple terms below:-

RES applied for Planning to erect 9 wind turbines (8250/2005/OKE) but were turned down by the WDBC Planning Committee.  RES then went to appeal and the Inspector, in his 55 page document allowed the appeal but took account of the submissions by DBJRG when considering noise levels and in particular the production of intrusive AM (Amplitude Modulation) noise which occurs when the blade passes the tower and produces a low frequency thump.

The appellant (RES) had objected in principle to the inclusion of a condition to regulate AM on the grounds that excessive AM is rare but the Inspector points out in para 183 that from the viewpoint of wind farm neighbours the most important purpose of ETSU-R-97 would be more accurately described as the preservation of sleep.

The Inspector went on in his final conclusions (para 186) to point out that although ETSU-R-97 is not now as applicable as it was when it was drawn up the appellant must abide by those rules concerning AM noise.

RES have now submitted a proposal to “vary” the AM noise conditions (00393/2013) by

1:  Allowing an increase in the permissible amount of AM fluctuation from 3 to 4 decibels which is an increase of more than 30%!

2: Increasing the baseline permitted AM noise from 28 to 43 decibels during night time periods.

This would almost certainly raises the prospect of sleep disturbance and impacts on the health and well being of neighbours close to the wind farm.

This proposed amendment must not be allowed to happen as it would fail to provide any effective protection against intrusive AM noise and flies directly in the face of the Inspectors decision re intended AM noise level control when approving the Den Brook wind farm! 

If you feel you can support DBJRG in objecting to this proposal then please log on to WDBC site and follow the links to application 00393/2013 and enter your submission.

For more details on the Den Brook situation please go to


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  1. Chris Burchell says:

    Thanks for this David. A great summing up, and I hope of comfort to the Denbrook campaigners. I hate to think what this case might have cost! The playing field aint level! Chris

    Date: Tue, 14 May 2013 13:16:18 +0000 To:

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