Farm Shop Lifton – Wind Turbine application 00063/2013

The MABRAKE committee have considered the proposal for a new 77m wind turbine at The Farm Shop, Lifton (application number 00063/2013) and have decided to oppose the application. There are two reasons:

  • The visual impact on the landscape. This turbine (Three times bigger than the exisitng one) will be visible from a very large area around Lifton including parts of the Milton Abbot/Kelly parishes and the Lyd valley. It will be another blot on our landscape.
  • The continuing lack of any policy from West Devon Borough Council to restrict the creeping industrialisation of our countryside with the installation of large Wind Turbines and Solar Farms.

We urge all those of you who feel the same to write to West Devon Borough Council quoting the planning application number 00063/2013 and oppose this application. Responses must be in by the 1st March.

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