Excellent letter to the Western Morning News

The author of the letter below has given permission for it to be reprinted here:_

The caption accompanying the picture above the article by Julian German (WMN, 10/10/12) states, “More than 1,000 solar panels provide all the energy for The Olde House, near Wadebridge, …”

No, they don’t!

The energy provided by the solar panels may be equal to the energy used at The Olde House, but during the hours of darkness the energy used will be produced elsewhere by other sources: gas, coal or nuclear.

Furthermore, since these other sources have to be in operation 24 hours a day, the savings (whatever they may be) in terms of carbon dioxide emissions will not correspond directly to the energy produced by ‘renewables’ (although this is what Martin Hyman seemed to be suggesting in his letter of 5/10/12).

In any case, in spite of the oft-repeated claim that “the science is settled”, the relationship between atmospheric carbon dioxide and climate change is far from clear, and certainly not a smple cause and effect.

Unfortunately, politicians have made laws, set targets and provided over-generous subsidies based on what many now see as very flawed science.

Howard Curnow


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