Solar Farm – Kelly – Application 02517/2012

To keep you up todate with this application any representations must be submitted to WDBC by 24th May 2012. (This date was extended from 10th May by WDBC as their original Site Location showed Tredown Farm and not Kelly where the field actually is).

The scale of this installation is large (4.2 hectares) which is far bigger than the size of Kelly Village. However, this application cannot be considered in isolation as Tredown Farm has also received approval to install two small wind turbines and to run the composting site for Devon County Counci processing some 3,500 tons of green waste per year. In addition to this Tredown has a pre-application with WDBC for the installation of two large wind turbines, one at Ramsdown and the other at Borough Cross.

Overall Mabrake is neutral on the use of Solar panels to generate renewable energy but the scale of this proposal when considered along with the other developments (above) can only be considered as industrialisation of the countryside.

As usual full details, including a site plan and representations already lodged, can be found on the WDBC site by looking up application 02517/2012.

If you wish to comment on this proposal please write to WDBC quoting the above application number.


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  1. What a pity, the government bought the subsidy back!! I suppose solar panels are the lesser of the two evils!! What shame people do not learn how to farm more efficiently, instead of reaching for every hand out that the Eu offers!

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